The existence of a civilized society is impossible without compliance with the current laws, norms, and rules governing all branches of life in modern society.

It is difficult for an ordinary person who is far from jurisprudence to understand all the legal norms. If circumstances require knowledge of the law, the competent support of our lawyer will come in handy — regardless of the scale of the problem that you face.

Loomis and Greene CO provide services to individuals and legal entities in all areas of civil, tax, corporate, land law, family lawyer boulder co, custody lawyer boulder services, as well as bankruptcy assistance.

Bankruptcy attorney

If you are forced to make decisions to liquidate a company or private enterprise through bankruptcy proceedings, then experienced bankruptcy attorney boulder colorado will help you. The bankruptcy procedure can be on your initiative, or the initiative of creditors. In any case, we will protect you during bankruptcy proceedings and effectively represent your interests in various instances. The bankruptcy procedure carried out with our specialists will be without property and financial risks for you. Experienced lawyers will save you from financial and even criminal risks in the event of bankruptcy of an enterprise. Qualified lawyers will conduct a high-quality bankruptcy procedure for enterprises of all forms of ownership.

By contacting us, you will have a quality service and get the desired result in a short time with a guarantee! Our employees will reduce all possible risks and bad consequences in the event of an enterprise bankruptcy. When conducting the bankruptcy of a company or private enterprise, we sell your property as efficiently as possible to cover debts to creditors.

If necessary, we will provide high-quality legal advice on bankruptcy. We will provide quality services to represent your legitimate interests in court and other organizations. Our practitioners have everything to conduct high-quality bankruptcy — knowledge, qualifications, and extensive experience in bankruptcy proceedings.

Preparation of documents for going to court with an application for bankruptcy, an application for recognition as a creditor; assistance in identifying creditors and debtors; representation, participation, and support of court proceedings in the framework of bankruptcy procedures; representation of interests in tax and other state bodies;

assistance in conducting, concluding, and formalizing transactions for the effective sale of bankruptcy property.

If possible and willing, we can competently carry out the enterprise reorganization procedure to save the business from impending bankruptcy. Specialists of corporate law will carry out the procedure in a high-quality manner, providing a complex of services «turnkey bankruptcy».